November 19, 2014



Sometimes we move through life so fast we do not give ourselves room to think, let alone breathe and “smell the roses”. Sometimes all the hustle is to cover up the fact that we are aching, the bustle to keep ourselves occupied from thinking. Sometimes we simply do not realize what we are doing until we suddenly stop for a moment and realize.

When we move so fast we can miss the things that are there for us, sometimes waiting, sometimes knocking on the glass, sometimes chasing after us, sometimes simply looking for the right moment. We might miss an opportunity we passed by so quickly we never even knew it was there. We might miss the stranger who could have become someone important given half a chance. We might miss what deep down we are truly seeking in keeping busy.

When we stop and allow our mind a moment of stillness we can hear that knocking, the pursuit, that little whisper inside telling us truths we might have been “running from”. We allow not just our mind rest, but our body too, allowing it opportunity to refresh as our soul renews. We can see what we’re doing to it and determine the steps to “right the wrong”.

Pausing, if only for what seems like a moment can be enough. It gives life a chance to “catch up” with the amazing things that it has been desirous of for you, the blessings He wants you to have, the opportunities that call for you alone. When you stop and rest you allow all the amazing things meant for you to finally reach you and when that happens, you can see your life start to change in new and different ways. Perhaps some you might not have thought to want or have again.

© Rosie Chee