November 18, 2014



OPEN your eyes to the world you live in. Open your HEART to the blessings you have been given. Allow the WONDER of everything to seep through your soul.

Think of the MIRACLE of life. Think of all the POSSIBILITIES that exist. Know that you are BEAUTIFUL in this world filled with ugly.

Believe that everything happens for a REASON. Believe that you CAN make a difference. Embrace the experiences that life has given you and the love you are surrounded by.

He knows your heart. He knows your mind. He knows infinitely more about you than you could possibly fathom.

When you open yourself to the fullness of everything, open your mind to the potential of anything, and open your soul to believe in the glory of Him and all you have and are, you will see that life truly is pretty AMAZING. REVEL in that knowledge, that feeling, the emotion evoked in the core of your being. Revel in it and LIVE it – an amazing life!

© Rosie Chee