September 13, 2014



There is a you the world sees and another hidden deep down in the recesses of your soul - a you that rare few ever get to see and experience, because you trust few and do not like to let others close enough to allow any vulnerability, that you precious and protected, those allowed to glimpse and know it privileged indeed.

We hide ourselves away for many reasons. No one is the same and no one’s reason is the same. Sometimes we just do not know how to express or show what it is we are, struggling to find a way to others’ understanding. Sometimes we have been traumatized by past experiences, retreating because we never want to go through that again. Sometimes we use it as a defence mechanism, designed to keep people away because we are unsure how they would react to the reality of you. Sometimes it is just years of conditioning and we do not even know the reason, only now consciously aware that we do it.

Whether you do it because you are unsure how to express who you are or are scared to let the world peer inside your soul, opening up and allowing yourself the freedom to just be you without care, random and all-over-the-place as you might be, is not a bad thing. We should all feel free to be who we are, and if we do not, then we should reconsider where we are standing in life and who we are surrounded by, for those who accept and love you as you are have no issues with seeing you.

It takes time to realize that it’s ok to be you - as you are, no masks, no false smiles, no pretending to always be fine, no being “normal” as the world defines normal. It can be a shock to realize that there are those out there who might have glimpsed a small part of your soul and love it and want more, viewing you in completely different light than you see yourself, accepting the beauty and the monster that are part of you. It might amaze you to realize that there is someone out there who will love the you hidden from all but a few, desiring to know and see more than you allow.

Have no fear in letting your soul out. Life is a risk that we all take - if you always play it safe you will never know the exhilaration of flying, and if you never give life’s challenges and gambles a chance, you lose out on what could become the greatest and most precious things in your life.

© Rosie Chee