September 12, 2014



It’s a lot harder than it sounds, to change your thinking, for your thoughts are a culmination of years of processes, mountains of turmoil, lifetimes of pain and experience all moulding your mind, setting your beliefs and foundations for how you live your life and are, consciously and unconsciously, every little thing having an effect on our psyche. But you cannot change a BEHAVIOUR without FIRST changing the THOUGHT behind it, the motivating force pushing for that change, because no matter how much you WANT to change and be different, someone else, a new creature forged from fire and ice, you will never be completely anew unless you let GO of your old ways of thinking and embrace the NEW.

A negative person does not instantly become positive. An unhappy individual is not transformed by happiness overnight. Those who hate are not filled with love as if it were something they could merely purchase for the asking. It takes a lot of CONCENTRATED time AND effort to CHANGE oneself, especially if the changes sought are so drastic.

It takes a lifetime to UNlearn another lifetime of learning, lessons well taught, so deep that they are a part of yourself and to seek them out for destruction or replacement is difficult, for the mind may not want to let go of them, comfortable in its knowledge of those patterns, unwilling to harbour something different and unknown. But GROWTH comes with a price, and that price is the RELEASE of the old, sometimes things that have kept us going and allowed us to survive for so long, and if you are not prepared to make that sacrifice, even if it is going to make you BETTER, then only YOU will miss out on the blessings that await your new life.

It might take time, and sometimes that time is an eternity, but be PATIENT and PERSEVERE, for in the end you know the end result WILL be WORTH it, the effort and pain of change, the call to arms of encouragement and support in that change, and the journey that continues to mould you for the greater good. Change to make a DIFFERENCE, not just because you feel the “need” to, but when you NEED to.

© Rosie Chee