September 14, 2014



You are a TREASURE. SEE yourself as one. Take a step OUTSIDE your own mind to see yourself through someone else’s eyes. You’d be surprised by what you find there, the way another views you, the things you might never even see in yourself. ACCEPT that you are beautiful in your own unique way to another.
The way we see ourselves is coloured by our EXPERIENCE and what we are constantly told, the affirmations that may never even have been affirmations - only condemnation that we might have accepted as truth because we didn’t know any better, and when we did, so ingrained in our minds that it can take a lifetime to remove.
CHANGE the way you think. See yourself as a being of VALUE. Remember that you are PRECIOUS - if not to yourself, then to someone else, and even if everything in your life seems to be bleak, you are always shining bright in someone else’s eyes, a BEACON OF HOPE to them, so hold onto life and open your eyes to what is TRULY going on around you and the effect that you create.
YOU are a treasure. See YOURSELF as one. See yourself for the DIAMOND that you are and use the prisms of your soul to SPREAD AND ILLUMINATE light into the lives of all you meet and touch and connect with. SHINE bright in your sphere, so that the world cannot help but NOTICE you for the gem that you are.
© Rosie Chee