September 8, 2014



There is GREAT POWER in your soul. There is FAR MORE than you could ever possibly imagine hidden down in the depths of your soul. There is MAGIC WAITING to be released into the world and create the most wondrous experiences. There is such capacity FOR LOVE that we are so often not aware of until someone awakens in us the secret desire for it.

Even when a soul has suffered the greatest tragedies and been through the most terrible destruction, it has the power to pick itself UP and see the BEAUTY in life, that they are still ALIVE and have LEARNT so much, know the extent to which they can fall and not let themselves be completely destroyed, still having FORGIVENESS in their heart to let go and KEEP GOING.

There is MORE POWER in your soul than you can ever dream of. There are more DREAMS in your soul than you will ever know of, just waiting for the right time, the right moment, the right person to creep inside your heart and bring about their discovery. There is so much POTENTIAL in your soul, that when you have been through what you have and known what you do, loved the ones who brought your world crashing down around you, and then found your soul carried gently in the arms of one who seeks to protect you, you allow it to be RELEASED, given room to GROW and BLOSSOM.

ALWAYS be grateful, thankful for the people in your life, especially those of the past who have taught you so much and caused so much pain, for withOUT that your soul would never have been opened to the WONDER that is WAITING for you, the FREEDOM of the life you were MEANT to live and love, and the one who you now find walking BESIDE you.

© Rosie Chee