September 7, 2014



Life takes EFFORT to live, if you want to live COMPLETELY. Yet not always is effort required, and sometimes we must learn to simply SURRENDER and LET life HAPPEN, unfolding as it will in its own [perfect] way.

Life is NOT always about control and sometimes we canNOT control what happens to us, even if we would like to. Sometimes we can do nothing but accept that life is GOING to give us experiences, whether we want them or not. We may not always be able to CHOOSE what experiences we have, but we CAN choose how we RESPOND to them.

We can respond by making an effort or surrendering to the fate that our life might take. Surrender is not something we should do easily OR lightly. If the experience is something that we do NOT wish for, that is harmful to our well-being or damaging to our soul, then we NEED to FIGHT it, do the best with what we have and can to CHANGE it, making the EFFORT to see the POSITIVE in the negative, the light in the dark, and the growth in the destruction.

However, sometimes life gives us experiences that we never sought because we might never have wanted them. Even if the desire for them was never acknowledged in our soul, when we realize what a BLESSING those opportunities are, we should allow ourselves to SURRENDER and appreciate that we ARE being gifted thus. Yet, know that nothing lasts forever and if we desire to KEEP that gift and allow it to CONTINUE to change us, we MUST make an EFFORT to show that not only are we THANKFUL for it, but to GIVE it room to GROW, to NOURISH and NURTURE it to its FULL potential.

Life is a BALANCE between effort AND surrender. Let your INSTINCT guide you on when to exercise which, and watch your life become a story you can use to HELP others on their own journey through it.

© Rosie Chee