August 21, 2014



Why look back and regret what has been? For without it you would not be where you are NOW. You would not have grown the way you have to become the person you are today. You would not have been moulded in such a fashion that you would be placed as you are with the desires that you have and the emotions that you feel if NOT for what you have experienced.

Instead of regret, look at it with eyes of AWAKENING. See the journey for what it has been; every experience for its role in making you who you ARE. Every individual who has crossed your path has been for a reason, no matter how small, and some have been SIGNIFICANT players in our personal growth.

Life is a journey of LESSONS, and as we move through it we constantly EVOLVE, shifting with the changes, whether desired or not, creating the person that we will BECOME. Who we become is ultimately up to US and our power of CHOICE, for we choose what we TAKE from our past, what we hold onto and what we let go, what memories we cherish and those we bury deep down inside, the emotions we  carry into tomorrow.

Choose to see the past in POSITIVE light, for what it has TAUGHT you, the OPPORTUNITIES it has given you, the people it has BLESSED you with, even if that past is one of pain and suffering and loss, for in the midst of that endless heartache there is a light, a HOPE that kept you going, a faith that stayed you to this world. Something inside you is GREATER than your circumstances or what happens to you and in the end YOU are responsible for what you DO.

You DECIDE your future. YOU CREATE your destiny. It’s all on YOU. OPEN your eyes, mind, heart, and soul, to see the BIGGER picture and move FORWARD into the future.

© Rosie Chee