August 20, 2014



Every day is ANOTHER chance to make a difference; to give hope to someone who might have little left; to encourage one who has all but lost faith in their dreams or who is close to achieving their goals; to make a sad heart smile or a lonely person feel that for a moment they are not alone. It is another opportunity to put yourself out there and take the risk of living, and in your living, IMPACT another life in ways that you might possibly not be able to imagine.

You are one in a sea of many; a single grain of sand in the endless desert of life, not even a teardrop in the vast ocean of life; but one thread in the tapestry that weaves all lives and destinies together. One does not mean insignificant, for one CAN change the world if they but have the courage and the heart and the determination to go out there and do what they CAN in their sphere, for who knows what domino effect or ripples might spread from the actions and words of that one.

Every day is another chance for every single soul out there to create a memory that will last a lifetime in another soul; a difference that might be THE difference and change a life beyond anything they could ever fathom. Every day is another opportunity to be a light to the darkness that surrounds you; a message to those who desperately need to hear it; an example that He will be proud of. What are YOU going to be adding to the world today?

© Rosie Chee