July 26, 2014



Life is a miracle. Every day is another chance; every moment a whisper of heaven waiting to be discovered. Let it be unleashed within and without you.

Love is a blessing. It is the most beautiful and most painful all at once. It can lift us to the heights of heaven or the depths of hell. It shows us the nature of "beauty and the beast". It breathes life into us, even as it can "take away". It teaches us valuable lessons about ourselves and life. It is a gift to be cherished when had and given freely without condition. When it touches your soul, it changes you, whether you want it to or not.

Learning is a necessity. Every experience is an opportunity to add to your knowledge or apply things learnt in times past. You are never "too old" to learn and the day you stop is the day you stop "living".

Living is an evolution. It means keeping your heart open once it has been “unlocked”.  Even if it means experiences that break us so they can "make" us and it's often during the darkest times in life that we discover what we are truly capable of, growing in ways we might never have thought we would. Beauty from pain and illumination from destruction, the times in our lives we struggle with the most becoming the strongest part of our life testimony and that which we can use the most to help others.

So open your heart. See the blessings that life has to offer and give and He wants you to HAVE. Keep the faith as you have the courage to dream and CHASE those dreams wherever they may take you. LIVE life as fully and completely as you can while you can. Make the MOST of every day and never stop reveling in the wonder of life. As you do, create such a DIFFERENCE with your life that no one can forget you LIVED.

© 2014 Rosie Chee