July 13, 2014



Believe in yourself and the dreams in your heart. Believe in yourself and the goals you want to see manifest. Believe in yourself and the things you want to come true. Believe in yourself and stay true to yourself in everything you say and do.

Believe with all your heart that if it truly is important to you, then NOTHING will stop you from attaining it. Nothing will stand in your way or say “no, you cannot do that”, and if it does, you will knock it flying, because you have so much faith that you are flying on the wings of hope, and hope is so very powerful.

Believe in yourself and what you truly want and know that ANYthing can be made possible, become possible, BE possible. Dare to dream OUTside the realm of what is “possible”. Let nothing tell you that is it not, and if they do, do NOT accept it, for truth is what is and not one’s opinion.

Believe in the heavens and the stars that light them and that you can REACH those heavens if you truly strive to touch the stars and be AMONG them. Do NOT limit yourself to what SEEMS possible or conventional and doable by man, but live by the dreams in your heart and ALWAYS BELIEVE.

© Rosie Chee