July 12, 2014



The world will always entertain a thought process that seeks to enslave you, to try causing you to think that you need something or someone to “complete” you, wanting you to be reliant on others to survive, searching to capture souls to manipulate. But it is wrong, because you do NOT need anything or anyone else to be COMPLETE, and life strives to prove that by throwing obstacles in your way to get you to dig deep WITHIN YOURSELF, to bring forth the TRUE spirit of you.

Those who are not strong enough will not withstand the pressure, but those who are, even if they might never have thought it, will discover in such times their true STRENGTH and learn that they ARE ENOUGH. They will know that they are enough on their OWN, that they CAN stand alone and be ok, that standing alone IS ok, even if the world frowns upon it and seeks to take away their independence and freedom, to trap them in a cage it hopes they will settle in.

I AM ENOUGH on my own. I do NOT need anything or anyone else to complete me. I KNOW who and what I am and I am OK with that. I am COMFORTABLE in my own skin and need no one’s reassurance to stay that way. I am my OWN person, independent and free-spirited, always have been and always will be. I know what I want and will not accept anything LESS than I DESERVE. I CHOOSE to follow a path I cut for myself, whether the world “approves” or not, no matter how “alone” I may be on it.

That said I can WELCOME the presence of another, understanding that life seeks to create bonds between souls that will only STRENGTHEN who they are, both as individuals and together, bringing together like-minded souls who ADD a depth and richness to the other’s life that they cannot give themselves. This does not mean I am incomplete alone, only that I accept there ARE some things I can never give or experience by isolating myself.

I CAN now allow another into my world because I KNOW WHO I AM. Not everyone will be allowed in, rare few indeed, but those few will always be treasured for the INVALUABLE GIFTS they are, the BLESSINGS I realize He is bestowing on me. We may be able to be complete on our own, but we were not meant to WALK alone, and I know that now. I am enough on my own, but with another I can become so much MORE, as can they, desiring and seeking to unfold each soul to its full and complete potential.

© Rosie Chee