June 15, 2014



Your life does not happen by mere coincidence. You do not achieve the things you do by accident. You do not become the person you are by fate. You make a decision in your mind based off the dreams in your heart and you act on those dreams and it takes you on the journey you now tread.

When you dream set NO limits. See EVERYTHING as possible. Reach for the stars and HIGHER. Let no one or nothing tell you that what you see in your mind is not for you.

When you dream you set your “starting point”. You start NOW. Not tomorrow or some date in the future, but right now. Your destination is the VISION you hold and the journey to its realization is what will “create” the person you will BECOME.

BELIEVE in your dream. Believe that your vision will make a DIFFERENCE. Believe that you were created for a PURPOSE. Believe in the person you WANT to be.

Your life and who you become are based on the foundation of your dreams, for the one who ACTS on their dreams sets in motion events far beyond what even they can fathom. So don’t just dream and dream HIGH, but ACT on your dreams and watch the way your world CHANGES.

© Rosie Chee