June 14, 2014



YOU HAVE DREAMS. You’ve always had dreams, some since forever and have never ever changed. Some you never had before, but were awakened within by the touch of another soul against your own, realized with a start, but then acknowledged and accepted and now held most precious of all.

The dreams you always had – these are what you have spent a lifetime working towards, so hold onto them, for they were not placed on your soul without purpose. CHASE THEM. Do one thing every day that will take you ONE STEP CLOSER to their achievement.

The dreams that were startled from slumber – these are the dreams that have sustained you in recent times, when you discovered that smile in your soul again. CHASE THEM. FIGHT FOR THEM with everything you have and DO NOT EVER give up on them.

You want your life to “close” without regrets. You don’t want to wonder “what if?” So chase your dreams - ALL of them. There is ALWAYS hope and if you still believe in your dreams, KEEP THEM ALIVE. LIVE your life TOWARDS your dreams until your life IS your dream.

© Rosie Chee