June 20, 2014



The shadows of yesterday fade in the sunrise of the new day. The burdens weighting down your shoulders can be lifted after a night of rest. The eyes that looked like a storm can sparkle with hope and life.

Every day is a NEW day. Another chance to make a CHANGE, to CREATE the dream your heart has been calling for. Another chance to make life as you WANT it and not just allow yourself to accept and settle for the circumstances you find yourself in.

CLOSE the door on yesterday. Let its troubles not weary your soul, but take from it the lessons learned and put them to use with a smile, knowing that you will not go back from whence you came, but only surge FORWARD, gaining momentum that propels you into the destiny awaiting you. Accept the people in your life and know that there is a PURPOSE for each one, and take delight in the time you have when you have it, because you never know when that time will be gone.

You have wanted a FRESH start for a long time now. Today brings a NEW chance to turn your life into the life you want and dream of, to take the risks your soul knows you must, to leave behind the abuse you have allowed yourself to endure, to stop running from the heart that seeks you, to allow that smile to grow as you do.

If you want a new BEGINNING, this is it. This is your chance, your time to ACT. Take the opportunity and move with it as far as it will take you, and when you can go no further, keep the faith and CONTINUE on, for life is not over until YOU are, and He has GREAT plans for your future!

© Rosie Chee