June 18, 2014



Life is full of struggles, challenges that force us to rise to our POTENTIAL. Some see the hardship in the challenge and give up because they find it too difficult, whilst others CRAVE the challenge and seek every way possible to use the experience to BETTER themselves.

There IS a way through every challenge, if your eyes are OPEN to it, thinking OUTSIDE the box, nurturing creativity and GROWTH in your soul. There is an OPPORTUNITY to DISCOVER new aspects of life and of yourself, gifts waiting to be ACCEPTED and OPENED with wonder.

To FIND the way through life’s challenges you have to be COMMITTED: To yourself, the goal, the dream, allowing your mind to filter away any negativity about the outcome, knowing that if you have faith it will all work out. Not always as you wanted or expected, but in a way that will only ENRICH your life, adding to the wealth of experience you ALREADY have, EXPANDING your mind and heart, and opening up your soul for even MORE blessings.

To get THROUGH life’s challenges, you need to be WILLING to walk the path before you, no matter how daunting or unknown. You have to believe in yourself and your ability to OVERCOME, ensuring POSITIVITY even when your heart might feel faint at some point in the journey. Your willingness to WORK through the obstacles thrown in front of you reveals your soul, the way you seek to conquer them and see them as stepping stones to GROWTH.

Moving through life is a FORWARD journey. You cannot grow if you stay still or move backwards. You HAVE to move forward, ALWAYS forward, focused on the FUTURE stretched before you, knowing that you have the LIMITLESS potential to create in it whatever you want it to BECOME.

COMMIT yourself to the path you have determined to walk. Be POSITIVE about your chances of success. Seek WILLINGLY the path less taken and carve your OWN path. Stride FORWARD in FAITH and BELIEVE for the BEST.

© Rosie Chee