June 27, 2014



Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Don’t be afraid of setting off on journey that you aren’t completely sure of. Don’t be afraid to go at it alone.

Some of the greatest successes in life come after making multiple mistakes, not knowing the complete process when begun and finding out along the way, doing it alone because no one else has the faith to see what you see and believe in.

But to achieve those successes, you must first START. You MUST try. You must be determined to see it THROUGH, no matter the cost, time, or effort expended. There WILL be obstacles that you must overcome, sometimes more than moments of triumph as you applaud the next step up the ladder taken. Yet in the end it will be WORTH it.

Are you ready to IGNORE the excuses as to why you “cannot” or shouldn’t do what it is your heart desires to do? Are you willing to make a few mistakes on your path to success? Are you brave enough to venture out and become a PIONEER who will light the way for others to follow because you refused to give in to the thought that it could not be done?

Do YOU want to be GREAT?

© Rosie Chee