May 7, 2014



We ALL have dreams. And we all decide, consciously or not, whether we pursue those dreams.

Some follow their hearts and have their dreams torn from their chests while their hearts are still beating. Others never dare to even contemplate the reality of their dream coming to pass. Who is the richer individual do you think? The person who dared or the one who didn’t?

The person who dared follow their heart had a glimpse of happiness from chasing that closest to their heart and being able to hold it if even for only a short while, of joy from knowing that they are better from having made the journey and becoming stronger, of fulfilment in knowing that they had the courage to put themselves out there and just go after what they wanted, daring to risk rejection or ridicule, the possibility of failure or falling short of their goal, feeling that fear but doing it anyway, because NOT knowing what it was like to pursue their dreams would be a fate worse than death.

The person who had not the courage to even DARE to dream the dream that is in their heart looks at the world with cynical eyes from shattered illusions that have taken away their ability to see the hope, sadness in their heart from knowing that they are potentially taking away and limiting someone else’s happiness and ability for growth, regret in their soul from always knowing what might have been and never knowing if it COULD have been, because they were too afraid to take the risk and dare to TRY, those dreams eking away at them inside, the pain of never knowing killing them a little more each day.

Would you rather experience the feeling of satisfaction and knowing that you did everything POSSIBLE to make your dreams a reality, LIVING life as it was meant to be lived, lifted up to the most imaginable heights, no matter how short it may have lasted; or would you rather experience a loss that will break your soul into a million tiny pieces because you can glimpse hope of the truth, but do not dare cross the line that could take that truth from a dream to a living, breathing miracle?

Are you the one who tried or the one who didn’t? The one who can look in the mirror and like what they see, or the one who cannot bear to see their reflection because they are ashamed of their inaction? The one whose soul, whether it falls or not, has seen inside heaven, or the one who has and will only ever know hell? The broken one who knows that they LIVED before breaking, or the broken one who never even tried to get up off the ground?

We all have dreams. Life is FULL of dreams. Many realized, but also sadly, MORE that are never even a brief contemplation, cast aside from fear.

It’s not what we DO that we will forever regret, but what we do NOT dare to do, what we hope for but do not dare to DREAM. Can YOU live with that?

Remember, life is meant to be LIVED, experienced in ALL its GLORY. How can you do that if you do not even DARE?

© Rosie Chee