April 12, 2014



Too often we take the people in our lives for granted, failing to see the blessings they are until they are gone from us, until we have “lost” them and realize what a hollow they create with their absence. Everyone is a reason, a season, or a lifetime, and no matter how short or long their stay in our sphere of life, they EVOLVE some aspect of it, of US - whether they make us more aware of who we are and what we are capable of, give us experiences that cause either tremendous pain or joy so that we learn the meaning of what it is to truly grieve or be happy, or simply teach us to appreciate life in ALL its facets of perfections and flaws and ACCEPT ourselves in it.

Sometimes we recognize too late the “angels” we have been given to guide us through or walk beside us in and on our journey through life. The awakening of such awareness as it is HAPPENING is not something everyone gets, but if you are lucky enough to have such a GIFT, especially as your life is intertwined with another, be grateful for it, thankful for what they ADD to your life, taking pleasure in and acknowledging the DIFFERENCE that would not be thus without their presence.

Angels come in many forms and guises, not always as you might expect and almost always impossible to forget. When your soul is OPEN you will know them, seeing with your HEART instead of through physical sight or analysis of logic and reasoning, and when you see you canNOT go back - only FORWARDS.

Learn to be AWARE and realize how good life is, how WONDERFUL a place the world can be, how faith and hope can be RENEWED in a heart almost gone dark, and APPRECIATE the true value of every soul who touches your own.

© Rosie Chee