April 17, 2014



Hope [dreams and faith] keep us alive, give us something to look to, a thought for the future, there for all of us when we have nothing left and feel like we are all alone in the world, so broken and beaten that we fail to see to see even the faintest glimmer of light in the darkness.

Hope gives us a path to light the way, a direction to head towards on our journey through life, until we know where it is that we are going and are in a place to make our own decisions with conscious thought, taking back what is ours, ownership over our hearts, minds, and lives.

Hope is always there, holding out its hand to all those who have the strength to reach out a fragile hand to reach it, touch it, grasp it, and hold it closely to their hearts, letting its faith seep into them and lighting an even brighter fire within.

Hope lies in each and every heart, no matter how many layers it is hidden beneath, sometimes taking drastic and dramatic measures to reveal it and bring it to the fore, and is all I have left tethering me to this world, my heart desperately holding onto a dream that it longs for as a reality.

© Rosie Chee