January 6, 2014



Your future is created by the “reaction” of your actions TODAY. Your actions in the present create circumstances which “roll into” TOMORROW. The “ripple effect” created by even the smallest action builds upon the FUTURE that will become.

TODAY is guaranteed. Tomorrow is NOT. Therefore it’s really not “ok” to wait until tomorrow to start doing what you know you should be doing today. Some things you might have to wait on, but for those that you do not have to, stop procrastinating when you have the opportunity to do it NOW.

Even if you might “fail” go ahead and TRY anyway. If you never fail you will never LEARN. If you never learn you will never GROW and life is all about “evolving” into the BEST you possible as you live your “purpose and mission”.

If you don’t know what to do, unsure about the steps you should take to see your dreams become your reality, ASK. It’s OK to ask for help and sometimes we must set aside our pride to admit we “need” it. We are all “in” this life together and all have something to give that someone else cannot.

Set your heart on the HIGHEST dream possible. There is NO “impossible” outside of your own mind if you are truly willing to give it everything you have and can. It might take time, but if you never start then that time just becomes LONGER, your destination nothing but a “wish”.

Do what you CAN with what you have here and now. What you cannot yet do, do WHEN you can. SOMEthing is better than nothing, especially when it will affect the life you will “walk into”. Make as much POSITIVE impact towards your future as you can, so that you might live it as you “want”.


© 2014 Rosie Chee