January 4, 2014



Your life is YOURS. So start taking OWNERSHIP of it. Start taking ACCOUNTABILITY for the “reactions” that occur. Start MAKING things happen.

Stop sitting back and “letting” the world happen to you – get out there and “happen” to the world! Show the world what you are made of. Let your dreams out to soar in the highest spaces. Let your soul out to run wild and rampant. Let your heart out and accept that it might get hurt if you allow it to be seen. Let your mind out of any cages you have kept it in.

Decide that YOU and you alone are responsible for YOUR life. YOU choose what you do. You choose what you ALLOW to happen to you. You choose WHAT you will accept and what you will not. You choose what PATH you will walk. You choose WHO you will let walk with you and who you will walk alongside. YOU choose and so you must hold YOU accountable.

Stop making “excuses” for why you might not be where you want to be – take CONTROL and set yourself in “motion” towards where you want to be. The life you want is NOT out of reach. The life you want if you want it enough is a reality waiting to happen. The life you want might be something you have to work hard towards and sacrifice for, but if you REALLY want it you will do what you have to, what you know you must. YOU must “create” the life you want because no one else will.

The day you decide that your life and what happens in it is ultimately determined by YOU – your emotions and reactions and thoughts to what happens or might happen – is the day you begin to OWN it!

© 2014 Rosie Chee