September 29, 2013



Adversity, hardships, obstacles, when life kicks you down so low you don’t know how long it will take you to stand – that’s when you see the TRUE measure of a person. That’s when you see their real CHARACTER. For when the sun goes into hiding, if there is no true light in one’s soul, all that will be seen will be the darkness seeping out from them. When the winds fare not well on the ocean of life, then shall the temperament kept locked down in the hold of their soul will be unleashed.

When you come across adversity, you discover things about yourself. Some might surprise you, even for those pure in heart, for they are not what you thought you were capable of. Some do not, for the true soul, the one who is not afraid to live transparently, has nothing to hide from those who would seek to thrown stones at glass castles.

When you stand against adversity, you pull deep down to the core. You find strength you might have never had to use before. You find courage to use that strength. You find a hardness that would never have become otherwise. You find that your soul has much more capacity to love and forgive than you ever thought possible for you. You find different dreams hiding in the crevices of your heart.

When you face adversity, you become so much MORE than you are. You come through the fires of hell with any excesses burnt away, so that all that is left standing is the true creature that you are. You come away with greater knowledge of your soul and all that you are willing to do, understanding better than ever that which has become dearest to your heart.

When you look adversity head on, you can know that it is nothing more than another of life’s tests, a game meant to break you down to your essence, so that you can know what you have. You can know what is at your foundation. It destroys so that you can rebuild – into the person you have potential and were always MEANT to be.

© 2013 Rosie Chee