September 30, 2013



Life is full of powerful possibilities, endless opportunities, and constant choices. We choose what possibilities we entertain in our mind. We choose what opportunities we accept and decide to follow. We decide what choices we make in the fate of our future.

We make our choices and the journey they lead us on “create” who we are. Development and growth stem from every twist and turn that we take, every crossroads we come to, how we deal with changes in what we come to realize is never ever a “simple” path.

Life has myriad destinations we could traverse, millions of people who could cross our path, and we choose where we go and who ends up there with us. Those we meet, who we allow into our confidence, those ours souls connect with on another level, the ones we love, all play a part in who we become.

The ones we surround us with we either impact or impact us, for better or for worse. The one we choose as our life partner walks either aside us or nowhere near, encouraging growth or killing us slowly. The ones we emulate create a difference in the difference we create.

The choices we make on the journey through life that we take ultimately make us into what we become. What dreams lie in your heart? What legacy do you want to leave? Who do you want to be? You must make the decision and in the deciding your journey begins.

© 2013 Rosie Chee