June 4, 2013



Sometimes life can hurt so hard that you want to disappear in your pain. Sometimes it can hit so hard that you want nothing but to fade into oblivion until it is over. Sometimes it can test so hard that you wonder just how much strength you need and how many lessons you need to learn.

Every hurt, every hit, every test – it’s ALL a “test” of sorts. A test of CHARACTER, of STRENGTH, of DISCIPLINE, of COURAGE, of DESIRE – to see how badly you want to LIVE and what you WANT out of life.

You may not feel like it, but you smile when there are tears in your soul, and others see that smile and smile too, thinking that life is wonderful. You may be speaking to yourself when you speak “motivationally”, words to inspire and encourage and remind that life is to be lived and hurts to be let go and to keep moving forward, and others hear those words and are inspired, wondering how you could have “known” what they’re going through. You may be going through your own storms, but you continue to do what you do and no one might ever know, and in helping others, even if only to “fill space” or “do something” to take your mind off the storm, you bless them, but also, whether you know it or not, begin to plant the seeds of difference, not just in their lives, but in yours.

Never underestimate the smile of a stranger, or even someone you know, the words one says or does not say, the outstretched hand that offers to help, for you never know what the soul giving them is going through, or how much courage and strength it might be taking to make such a simple gesture. And if that soul is you, know that although you might do this as a “way through”, DOING it means that you STILL have HOPE, and when there is hope it means that life can be “believed” in again, your fire can be “reset” alight, and YOUR “happy ending” is not out of reach.

© 2013 Rosie Chee