June 3, 2013



Be a DREAMER. Be a DOER. Be a BELIEVER. Be a THINKER. Be someone who makes things HAPPEN.

See your dreams in your heart and ACT on them. Believe in the hopes of your soul and think CONSTANTLY on them. Forget about fear of the unknown and just GO for it.

There is GREATNESS within you. In your dreams and hopes, the way you see the world and the uniqueness of your soul. Sometimes you may not feel like there is, but there IS, and when you feel thus it is important that the company you KEEP is one that KNOWS this and ENCOURAGES you FORWARD.

The world can be a cloudy place, shades of grey, and sometimes we can lose sight of our vision and our path, wandering until we find it again. Having around you those who know AND understand your heart is imperative in ensuring that you do not completely lose that along with your way, so that no matter what happens or how you feel, you can always RETURN to the source of your strength.

Thus, make sure that your inner circle, even if only one or two precious individuals, have such a SOUL as you. Make sure they are DREAMERS. Make sure they are DOERS. Make sure they are BELIEVERS. Make sure they are THINKERS. Make sure they have the power to INSPIRE and REIGNITE the spark when it burns low or almost disappears. Make sure they are TRUE. For then TOGETHER you can AND will get through ANYTHING, pushing each other to become BETTER as you find and exert the greatness inside.

© 2013 Rosie Chee