June 2, 2013



What you focus on can often determine the “outcome” of your life. At least, how you perceive it, because when you focus on something, even if you’re unconscious of doing it, you gravitate towards that which surrounds that focus, almost as if you’re “bringing” it more than ever into reality.

Life is tough. We all know that. We all live it and deal daily with struggles and personal battles. We all experience loss in some form or another, grieving in our own way as we try to cope with it. We all have times that test us to our very limits, when we are crushed to the ground, and sometimes BENEATH it, pushing desperately up, to grasp onto something that will stop us from continuing to fall. We all have heartache and tragedy, events and people and circumstances that rip our soul to pieces and tear us apart from the inside out. We all make mistakes that cause us to question what we are doing and why, moments when we wonder if our life even means something to anyone.


We also all have beauty in our life, blessed with the people we choose to call family. We all have dreams that make our heart hope and cause our souls to dance with excitement, looking forward to another day and another chance to make progress towards making those dreams reality. We all have such capacity in our being for growth, and in our growth, “evolving” into higher beings, our life an infinite journey of betterment. We all have loved and love, sometimes so much that we wonder how we could have survived life withOUT the presence of that precious and special individual who made us believe again, our soul finally finding peace amidst the chaos of life.

We all have things that tear us apart, causing such pain that we are not sure if we will get through, or even if we WANT to. But we also have things that keep us TOGETHER, holding us to this world, making us determined to keep going and get up every morning, the “glue” that is more than faith alone.

Definitely easier said than done, make the effort to start focusing on that which makes your heart smile, your soul sing, your dreams awaken, that which makes you come alive and hold you together. It doesn’t mean that your life won’t have difficult times, but it WILL make you appreciate the blessings you do have, encouraging and creating understanding as you develop strength, keeping the fire inside you alight even if only a barely glowing ember, so that you can go on and use your story to help inspire and make a difference in this life.

© 2013 Rosie Chee