May 9, 2013



A reason, a season, or a lifetime – that’s what they say people are in our lives. Sometimes a reason becomes a lifetime and what you thought was a lifetime is only a season with a reason. Even lifetimes are not TRUE lifetimes; although a “lifetime” is “as long as it lasts”. We live and die many times over throughout our life, stepping from one life into another,  leaving one behind or creating something else altogether. NO lifetime lasts forever.

Nor does ANYthing in this world truly last forever. When one thing passes it gives opportunity for something ELSE to enter your life, to become and be, for a new life to be created. If your mind is not yet ready to let go of that which your soul already knows is gone, you need to allow yourself to understand that nothing lasts forever and sometimes people MUST move in and out of our lives in order for us to move on and FORWARD with ours.

Sometimes it IS a special individual’s presence IN our life that enables us to “find” the parts of ourselves that might have been “missing”, and in discovering those aspects, be the “trigger” for our life moving to the NEXT level. Loves, though it conquers all and lasts lifetimes, is not always meant to exist as it does, and sometimes it is simply the wrong time and place, even if it “right”, for though it has been REALIZED and creeps through our soul, its lifetime has not yet come to truly “be”.

Love can last “forever”, a lifetime through lifetimes, even if it does not start when we do, because it can live BEYOND our years. Sometimes love enters our life, only to leave and return when the time is “right” and we are READY to embrace it in its complete nature. The first time it enters is the first time it changes us, the reason or season that eventually becomes a lifetime, and it changes us so that our hearts soften towards it, to make us UNDERSTAND what it “means”.

So weep not when what you thought was a lifetime creates an absence in your life for a time, for if it is TRUE, it WILL return, and when it does you will be able to enjoy EVERY aspect of it. If the lifetime you thought would always be leaves and remains only a lifetime in your HEART, allow yourself to grieve and let go, but once the mourning is over, CELEBRATE the time you had and the change it wrought, appreciating that without it you would not be who and where you are today.

© 2013 Rosie Chee