May 13, 2013



Grieving is a NATURAL process. It is unfair to ask one who has experienced loss NOT to grieve. It is cruel to expect them to feel nothing for something that was so very PRECIOUS to them. Even if you do not understand the importance, give them the time that they need to HEAL. Give them the support that they might need in such a time, just to let them know they’re not alone.

In the same regard, you need to LET yourself heal. If you have suffered such tragedy in a loss that renders your soul in pieces, you cannot continue to go on as if nothing has happened. You cannot lie to yourself as well as everyone else and pretend that you are fine and ok, and that the sudden hole in your heart does not affect you in ways that you could never imagine it would.

It is OK to be sad. It is ok to GRIEVE. It is ok to take TIME to let yourself heal. No one can know the depths to which the loss you have suffered affects you. Only you know that, once you have moved past the denial and let the pain touch your soul. When it touches your soul and floods you with the dreams you suddenly realize your heart held, you need to grasp onto them and know that even in death, they are STILL alive.

The loss of a loved one, even one you have never met or who had yet to draw breath, has an IMPACT on your soul. Especially the loss of a life you had living inside you, whether you were ambivalent about its existence or not. EVERY life is precious and the loss of even a sliver of it is a tragedy, even if it takes time to “catch up” to the emotion felt in its wake.

You NEED to let yourself heal. You need to let yourself FEEL. You need to let yourself understand the dream you had buried so deep in your soul that it took such a loss to fully realize that it IS one you want, something secretly and desperately desired, and hold tight to your faith, hoping with all your soul, that it is a dream that will live on until it has been FULFILLED.        

© 2013 Rosie Chee