May 12, 2013



Everyone starts somewhere. Everyone travels their own journey. Everyone veers off the path at some point and ends up in a completely different place than they intended. That’s ok. It’s human. It’s to be expected. You might not be in the place you desired to be when you started your journey, but just because you are not there yet does NOT mean that you cannot ever be. We all get lost and we all struggle. It’s a part of life and no one is immune to it.

None of us can go back and start over again from the starting point we initially began at. But we can start over from where we are NOW. We can start our journey from here and go forward in a new direction. We can create a different story from this point. We can determine a different end. We can choose the footprints our life makes on the sands of time.

We all have a beginning. And we all have an end. The final end may not be the end we envisioned when we began. Nor might we have been able to foresee the course life might have taken us through to get there. Yet we are where we are now, through chance or fate or deliberate decision, and where we go from here is a CHOICE.

YOU make the choice in the present on where your life will lead. You decide through your thoughts that lead to your actions how you will live. You started somewhere that it true. And where you initially began might now have been something you had control over. But you have control now, and you choose where you will end up. You choose the dream that will become the reality you eventually make.

© 2013 Rosie Chee