May 14, 2013



The night drifted off in tearful slumber, waking you with distraction that prevented sleep for some time, but eventually you were there again in the darkness of your dreams, in the early hours of morning. When you woke it was still dark, your mind a blurred headache, your body cold where you lay, and the tears that kept you company not so long before began to knock again on the door of your soul, flooding you with emotion so crippling that you want to run and hide and NO longer BE as you exist.

But it is morning now, and the light begins to filter in through the uncovered windows, a soft and gentle touch of the sky hued aquamarine and mandarin. The air is fresh as you feel it cool upon your bare skin, causing a shiver through your already trembling body, a tremor that climbs inside your veins and travels to your heart and mind, wanting you to realize that the dawn is a NEW one, the day a FRESH start in what is going to become of the rest of your life.

Though your soul is weary and your heart hurt, your mind spinning in circles from all that has been left unanswered and the omissions of truth, it IS a NEW day, and that means an opportunity to begin to live again, start over with your dream in focus, and allow yourself room to err and forgive as you do. The dawn filters in hope with its light and glimmers of faith shimmer in your soul, and you know deep down that in the end it will be ok, even if it seems like ok might never come.

So, in the beginning light of this new day given to you, take a deep breath and fill your lungs with that fresh air, opening your soul to the possibilities that starting over again will bring, and try to relax. Understand, hard as it is, that not all things are meant to be, and while they blessed you immeasurably in the brief time that you had, when you love you must let go and move on when your soul no longer finds peace in such presence, dying a little more day by day, so that you can begin to LIVE AGAIN.

© 2013 Rosie Chee