May 22, 2013



There was a tornado the other night. It started with simple streaks of lightning flashing through the sky intermittently. Then came the thunder bellowing in our midst. And then you heard the rain, slashing against the windows, the wind tearing at the trees like they were paper dolls it wanted to rip to pieces and scatter. It was harsh and being out in it would not have been pleasant. But inside, watching it, hearing it, sitting in the darkness and just letting the sound seep into your soul, it was calming and almost peaceful, despite the storm it created outside.

When it rains, sometimes it is light raindrops that you barely settle on your skin, brushing over you as if they were specks of dust. But sometimes it pours and you feel every drop, like a slap on your arm, leaving a stain of wet, making sure you felt it.

When it rains, some people only notice the wet, the uncomfortability it presents, the inconvenience it can cause. Others see it for what it is, allowing themselves to stand amidst it, feeling it on their skin, dripping and streaking across their body, metaphorically “washing away” the old to make way for the new, and giving them a “clean slate” and “new chance” to “start over”. The rain is not just water, and if you look deep enough into life and what beauty it can create when one might see it as an “inconvenience” or “drudgery”, and when you do, open your soul to what more it has to offer.

When it rains, are you the one that rushes to get out of the “wet” into the dry, where you can “predict” and “control” what happens? Or are you the one who takes a moment and stays outside, closing your eyes and turning your face to it, welcoming the “change” that those still and quiet moments can bring?

© 2013 Rosie Chee