May 16, 2013



It’s time. I’ve done the soul searching, the heavy meditation, the endless heartache and nights of tears. It’s time to start taking BACK who I am and who I was and who I will be. It’s time to start letting the JOY seep back into my life and the little things I do. It’s time to STOP worrying about things I may not be able to control and all that’s left unsaid. It’s time to SAY the things that have been pent up for so long and get them out before they destroy anything more. It’s time to start being ME again, the way I always was, but a BETTER version of that, in the me I was always meant to be. It’s time to let the beauty OUT and let the world see a GENUINE smile from a heart of gratitude and love. It’s time to OWN my life and be responsible for every emotion that I allow to creep into my soul. It’s time to let the “other” side of me, the one I’ve been told “lights up the room” and is a “pleasure” to be around, loose to be FREE. It’s time to start being ME again.

© 2013 Rosie Chee