April 30, 2013



PASSION is what moves you. It DRIVES you. It creates in you the desire to do and be MORE. It becomes such a powerful FORCE propelling you towards your destiny that you cannot HELP but follow where your soul leads.

There is NO “if” or “but”. There is only “WHEN” and “HOW”. It is what you ARE doing. It is the MOMENT you start to allow your passion VOICE in the world and let others see your true heart.

Passion stirs your soul for a REASON. It comes out of dormant slumber for a PURPOSE. That purpose may not yet be apparent to you as it is to your unconsciousness, but it WILL be. It will be known to ALL you cross paths with.

In the moment when you let your soul FREE to follow your passion you open your life to the endless POSSIBILITIES waiting for it. In the RISK you give yourself the chance to soar HIGHER than you’ve ever gone before. You embrace the BLESSINGS that have been standing in line waiting for you to OPEN your heart. You set out on the journey that will eventuate in your evolution to the person you were always MEANT to be.

LET your passion be your guide. Let your SOUL awaken fully from its rest and heed the butterfly murmurings floating through it. Let yourself find the PEACE that will let it live awake within you and not want to hide. FOLLOW your passion and trust it to lead you TRUE.

© 2013 Rosie Chee