March 27, 2013




You might feel like you are not doing much; that you are floundering when you should be swimming; as if you are falling short of all expectation. Such feelings create disappointment in yourself, that you are not living up to your standard, like you are not trying hard enough, as if what you are doing is little compared to what you should be doing. All that is a FEELING and feelings are not always reality; they are our perception of a situation and not always THE “truth” of it.

If you ARE giving it your all, doing what you can when you can, no matter how you feel, whatever is thrown at you, even if you stumble or fall sometimes, then you are doing BETTER than you think. Others may comment on your progress and you do not “hear” them because you do not see the way they do, but take the time to LISTEN, because sometimes we all need to know that we’re doing all right.

No matter how hard we try we can sometimes feel like we’re not doing ENOUGH, and being told does not change that feeling, and we have to understand that our best is our BEST and we cannot do MORE than that. If you’re giving it your “all”, then you ARE doing better than you THINK, so give yourself a little room to breathe and ease back on the pressure you’re applying to your heart.

Take some space to step BACK and “see” the bigger picture; to understand what you HAVE done, even if you know you have a ways to go. NOTHING great is achieved overnight and sometimes it takes time to see the REAL fruits of your labour; know in your soul, that in the end, what you have been working towards WILL manifest. Until then, realize that you are doing better than you THINK and KEEP doing what you’re doing.

© 2013 Rosie Chee