March 4, 2013




Life is but the passing glimpse of a history. It is a whisper on the winds of time. It is an echo in the halls of eternity. Every breath taken is insignificant to all that is immortal, even as every breath has significance.

Life is too short to spend it wasting time. It is too short to be at odds with yourself. It is too short to be conflicted in your soul. It is too short to be your own worst enemy, always battling yourself, punishing yourself for every tiny mistake, those thoughts you berate yourself with, the perpetual torture of belief that you are unworthy of what life has and is giving you.

You have to STOP this war on yourself. You have to stop thinking of yourself as nothing of value. You have to stop crumbling your dreams into dust because you might be the only one who believes in them. You have to stop the wounds you are leaving on your own heart.

You have to start seeing yourself the way those who LOVE you see you. You have to start seeing the potential in you, acknowledge what you have done, and see that the future holds so much room for growth and more. You have to start seeing the perfectly imperfect and beautiful being that God created to fulfill the purpose that He has charged you and you alone with.

Life is too short to spend it at war with the world, let alone yourself. It is too precious to be spent, even unconsciously, in the painful present of destroying the happiness hidden in the depths of your heart. You were meant for greater things than this, so open up your soul, unbind your heart, and free your mind from all you have inflicted on it, and start seeing and believing in the miracle that you are.

© 2013 Rosie Chee