February 25, 2013

2013 | Day 55: FRESH START



There is hope at the start of every dawn. Light spreading its way through the world and your heart. Faith infused in your soul believing in the future. Gratitude overflowing from that deep and secret place inside so far down no one else can see it. For what you have been given. A new day. Another chance. A fresh start.

Be thankful that He deemed you worthy of such a gift. That He is not the only one who has forgiven your transgressions. Waste not every opportunity that comes your way to show how much you care. To show how much you love. To leave no room for doubt of your devotion.

Let the hope that rises with the sun stay with you far after the sun has set. Let it linger in the depths of your soul. Let it surprise you with its joy. Let the quiet comfort it affords breathe calmness in your spirit. Let it help your mind relax. Let it keep the light of life alive inside.

After the darkness of a night without stars comes the most beautiful of dawns. Turn your face to the sun and let its warmth seep through your being. Soak up the beauty of its aura. Capture the promise of its magnificence. Remember always the joy it gives to your heart and never let it go.

Use the new day that you have been given. To do all that you can. Leave nothing on the table. Give it everything you’ve got. Be thankful for everything He has blessed you with. Be thankful for everything He has given back that was taken away. Be thankful that you took the risk and flew. Now fly higher than you ever have before!

© 2013 Rosie Chee