May 6, 2012

2012 | Day 127: If I Disappear, Will You Remember?


Both a Blessing and a Curse

Love is Beauty. Love is Hope. Love is a Dream. It gives souls wings to fly. It gives hearts courage to dare. It gives people the push to risk. It is acceptance, understanding, unconditional. Love is a gift to be cherished above all else, for all time. It is something, that when real, once found, can never ever be forgotten.

Love is the most beautiful thing on earth, the most powerful magic there is. And like all things powerful, it can also be twisted into something dark and ugly.

Love brings tears, the most immeasurable heartache. Love causes wars, makes cities crumble. Love leaves devastation, the most unimaginable destruction in its wake. It kills the light that burns in a soul. It cuts deeper than any knife and leaves wounds that never heal. It is the most painful thing in the world to endure.

Love is both a blessing and a curse, the most beautiful thing in the world, but also the cruelest.

And it touches us all at some time in our lives. Which face we see one cannot predict. We can only hope and pray for the love that makes our souls blossom, sing, smile, soar; the love that makes us stronger and better than we ever thought we could be.

Quote for Reflection: “Like a duel-edged sword, love is both the most beautiful and most painful thing in the world. It is the greatest feeling ever and lifts you up in its ecstasy, but it can also be devastating and destroy you if you love completely with everything you are…Love is the greatest thing in the world, but also the greatest tragedy...and yet, I cannot be sorry for it...” – Rosie Chee


Run 5 miles @ 4.9 min/mile pace

Stretch 21 min

Another morning of not going to sleep well, this time not able to until well after 0730!...Hamstrings hurt when I woke, but it did not deter me from going out for a run. Pace was slow - could feel my body want to go only one pace, like yesterday's post-weights cardio, only slower. Was ok - it's going to get hammered tomorrow...Stretching didn't help much, but at least my shoulders aren't hurting today...


Training From Next Week

Monday - HIIT Run + Shoulders/Hamstrings + Post-Weights Cardio 20 min
Tuesday - Cardio 10 min + Arms/Abs + Post-Weights Cardio 20 min
Wednesday - HIIT Run
Thursday - Cardio 10 min + Full-Body + Post-Weights Cardio 20 min
Friday - HIIT Run + Shoulders/Arms/Abs + Post-Weights Cardio 20 min
Saturday - Cardio 20 min
Sunday - Day OFF

This has worked very well for me and I am going to stick with it. Yes, there is no Legs, Chest, or Back day - Legs do not need working and get enough of it as it is; there is no separate day for Chest and Back because my back gets thicker quickly and I want to "slim" it out in the middle (because of my scoliosis, any muscle mass there "protrudes" in a manner not desirable to me), and besides, they will both be trained during the Full-Body session.

My Maintenance training has also come to include two to four 2-a-day training days, with the second session on those days another cardio one of ~20 minutes, ideally done running, so that will also be included, albeit on no specific day, but as I decide throughout any given week.