March 22, 2017


Every time you “fail” is NOT a failure. It is an OPPORTUNITY for something “better”. It is a “chance” for you to CHANGE yourself and the world around you. It is a time to “look” deeper WITHIN you. It is moment for REFLECTION.

You might cry. You might scream. You might get hurt. You might be destroyed. But you also might LEARN. You also might begin to truly SEE. You might start to UNDERSTAND your soul. You might REALIZE your “true” dreams and heart.

Every time you fall down, no matter how far or how deep you fall, there is ALWAYS a way back up. It might take days, weeks, years, and be the hardest thing you ever do, but it CAN be done. EVERY setback, no matter how large or small, is God’s way of giving you a SECOND chance. It is your time to “begin” AGAIN...the dawn of a NEW “spring”... YOU are in control. YOU hold the pen that covers the pencil engraved already on the pages of your life. YOU create your fate with the decisions you make. YOU determine your path with the consequences of your actions and your response to them.

STOP looking at being “knocked down” as the end. See it instead as the chance to rise. See yourself as the phoenix rising from the ashes of your past life and stepping into the NEW. You are a “new” creature, the same as before, but NOT the same, wise with your past experience, beautiful with your past pain, and open to the future from everything that has transpired to this point, knowing that you have not gone through everything you have for NOTHING.

Every setback is preparing you for a COMEBACK, allowing the world to see and know a BETTER you, someone who is “of” the past, but not of the past. Transforming with deliberation, you a creature that has been tempered in the fires of hell, then moulded with the hands of God. A beautiful “creation” that brings Him glory.

© Rosie Chee