February 10, 2016



NOTHING is IMpossible! “Impossible” is NOTHING! If I didn’t already believe, after everything I have done, seen, and been through, I can say this with absolute certainty.

Miracles happen EVERY day. “Impossible” happens EVERY day.

There are so many things that cannot be explained, but they ARE done. Just because you canNOT explain something does not mean that it cannot be done! Just because you do not UNDERSTAND something does not mean that it cannot be done. Just because your mind cannot comprehend the scope of the POSSIBLE does NOT make something “impossible”. ANYthing is possible - especially with God. If you have FAITH and BELIEVE in it. “Impossible” inspires others. It inspires ACTION.

BE “impossible”, an example of what “can’t” be done. Live life with the knowledge that our dreams and aspirations ALL have the power and potential to be a very REAL possibility! BELIEVE in it, for that’s when things will start HAPPENING!

Make the “impossible” POSSIBLE! BE the “impossible”!

© Rosie Chee