January 24, 2016



There’s a certain joy in knowing that you are able to make someone smile or shine a little bit of light in their darkness, to be able to make a difference no matter how small or insignificant it might seem in another’s life. There’s something that happens in one’s soul when they “feel” a glow in another and know that they have “helped” with it. There’s a spark that can be “relit” when we “give” of ourselves when we have little left to give, simply because in the unselfish act of desiring happiness for another, there is something that still has hope and can be “revived” to life within us.

Not everyone will ever experience that joy or change or spark, because not everyone is “built” the same. But those that do, acknowledged or not, understand and continue to strive to make a difference regardless of the darkness they might be battling or the storms they themselves traverse through, for the greatest blessings in life are often those times when we find ourselves challenged the most. For on the flipside of “death’s” coin is life, as death is not the end nor is it final, and although everything done cannot be undone, it can be reworked and “remade” into something else entirely.

© Rosie Chee