May 18, 2015



Anyone who wants you to dilute who you are, or asks or expects you to change for or around them is not someone you need to be with. Everyone, even you, is sensitive, and that is not a “bad” thing, but if who you are hurts of offends someone and they cannot handle or “deal” with your personality, then you need not be in their presence.

You should never have to “dim” yourself for anyone and anyone who thinks you should is negative to your energy. You will feel it, yourself retreat, a tension and aggression that will frustrate you and ultimately “drain” you. When your energy becomes drained, YOU become drained and you cannot live life as fully or make as much difference or the difference you want if you are not “charged” or your energy is “muddied”.

Take a stand for you. For your truth, which you have always spoken, even if others have not believed it until they believed it. Just be yourself, as you are. Realize your power. Take notice of the effects and effecting change the way you desire and need it to be, to change your life so that you can be your best you, to make the most difference and impact possible.

© 2015 Rosie Chee