February 24, 2015



Our “circle” is so very important, for those we choose to allow close and call “friends” are those whom will affect us the most, for we “choose” those who not inspire us, but accept us for who we are and encourage growth of our complete being, those souls who “call” to our own and echo the desire and passion we have for life. The “spark” of the company of such souls is palpable and the energy is contagious to everyone in the immediate vicinity. You have the power to change the “vibe” of an environment and those in it have the ability, if you allow it, to change your mood and the way you feel in such a place at that time.

Those friends so dear enough we call “family” and the contact we maintain on a habitually regular basis should be with those who are only going to push you higher and further than even you might be able to imagine, who will challenge your mindsets and thinking in ways that deepen your involvement with life and way of living, and bring out the passion inside. It is said that “you become like the people you spend the most time with”, so make sure you “choose” wisely, but also ensure that in the doing YOU are one of those souls YOU would want to spend time with. Be the example you would want to “look up to”, the difference you want to “see”, and the energy that can “set souls on fire”!

© 2015 Rosie Chee