November 8, 2014



You know what: Life is short. TOO short NOT to chase your heart or take the risk on something or someone you can’t stop thinking about. Who cares what the world might think? It's YOUR heart, your happiness, your future, your POTENTIAL. So let loose your soul to dance in the rain and have companion souls join you, beside you or to their own tune, each of you creating a beautiful melody no one but those who “see” might understand.

If you want it, SAY so. Forget timidity or fear. Put aside "what ifs" and "buts" and set yourself out there where you can be SEEN. Yes, you might be vulnerable, but in vulnerability you open yourself up to an abundance of blessings you might never have thought could be.

You want to let your soul dance? Then LET it dance. And pull those you wish to dance with alongside you, feel the magic in the moment and make it last a lifetime not forgotten. Hold onto the moments granted, for you know not when they might be gifted again.

Life is too short to be spent in hesitation, wondering, wanting but never doing. Before you know it the moment could be gone and you never know if with it with it your chance for something great or “once in a lifetime”. So, LISTEN to your heart. OPEN up your soul and set it free to DANCE throughout your life with a smile in its step and a glow that spreads light wherever it reaches, rippling through life making the difference that only YOU can make.

© 2014 Rosie Chee