October 14, 2014



Life is NOT black and white. It is many shades of grey and all the colours of the spectrum in between. It took me a lifetime for this mindset “shift” to be, but when you learn and understand this, “right and wrong” take on different meanings. “Good and bad” are no longer so simple, because good people do bad things and vice versa. You stop seeing the world through a “filter” and begin to see where there are stains of shadow and colour through even what you used to believe were the clearest cut of things.

Life is a conglomerate of “light and dark”, each coexisting with the other not just because they can, but from NECESSITY. Without one there would be no other, each the “balance” needed on the scales when the other assumes too much control. Just as a coin would have no real distinction or recognition if it had only one side, nonetheless in only having one side, it would be an anomaly, as all things in life are “anomalies” in their uniqueness.

Not just life, but WE too are made up of “shades of grey”. There are brilliant streaks of light through our souls, even as it is dappled with myriad shades of grey in between, until those shades become so dark they disappear into a black that sinks into the deepest darkness. Yet we have the power to CHOOSE what we will “be”, how we live, which end of the spectrum we develop, and whether or not we will allow splashes of colour to pervade the grey.

When colour tempers shades of grey, life takes on a different perspective yet again. It is roused into “life” and can be experienced on a whole new level. Black and white may be “boring”, yet it can bring the “true soul” to light. Shades of grey mean the soul is far more complicated than just what is perceived. And colour interspersed throughout the soul mean that one can never truly ever put a “label” on a soul, for it is a living, breathing entity in constant evolution.

See life and yourself for what it TRULY is. Understand that everything is always shifting and changing. Nothing remains the same for very long and what was “true” one day may not be the next. Realize the “shades” that surround you. Know your soul so well that you know where you are “rooted” and although you may become one of the greatest in your spectrum of light to dark, you never compromise the essence of the core of your being.

© 2014 Rosie Chee