October 13, 2014



JUST BE HAPPY. It can be a “hard” thing to ask sometimes. Especially of those who seek it. Yet only when we understand that happiness is something that cannot be sourced OUTside of ourselves and that it can only occur when we allow ourselves to be completely IN the present, can we truly BE happy.

The world can be falling apart. The most terrible and traumatic things can be happening. The circumstances we find ourselves in can seem out of control and beyond our own. The events occurring can be testing and questioning everything we ever believed in and thought we knew. Yet through it all we CAN be happy.

“Happy” is not just for when life is “perfect” and wonderful and full of love and light. It is not just for when things seem to be working in our favour and we are blessed beyond imagining. It is not just for when we find ourselves smiled upon and sought out for recognition of achievement. It is not just for when we think life could not be any better.

Being happy is not reserved for the “good” times only and one CAN find and be happy during the “bad” as well. Being happy is about being fully aware of who YOU are and ACCEPTING that you are at whatever point you are in your life. It is believing whatever is within your control you CAN change and trusting in Him for the rest. It is knowing that you are NEVER alone even if it might seem like it. It is being completely in the PRESENT and giving yourself permission to take joy in the moment of even the simplest things.

Being happy is not conditional. It does not require everything to be “just right”. It does not have to wait for everything to “fall into place”. It can be whenever and wherever. YOU can be happy at ANY moment. It is a choice like any other. A simple shift in mindset.

You “need” nothing to be happy. You just need YOU. HERE. NOW. Do it for YOU. JUST BE HAPPY.

© 2014 Rosie Chee