September 20, 2014



Everyone feels the keen pain of loss, especially when it is one so very close to your heart, and whilst grief can overcome you to the point of breaking and wanting to disappear from the world, your spirit has a TREMENDOUS ABILITY to “come back” from tragedy.

Your spirit has an OVERWHELMING CAPACITY to love and forgive, so even if the one you love hurts you beyond imagining, the deep emotion you have for that person allow you to treasure the time that you had, instead of building fires of resentment and anger. The strength of your emotions for that individual could turn into something ugly, but your spirit is POWERFUL BEYOND BELIEF, and you have the WILLPOWER TO MAINTAIN the beauty that was brought into your life, the gifts that were unexpectedly received in the joy of knowing them, even if they are gone from you in time and distance and perhaps life.

Never forget the POWER hidden deep inside you, the STRENGTH that rises to the surface when needed, the safeguards of your soul, to protect and keep you, but not from the experiences in life that will mould you into a better being, a “higher” you, an ultimate version of the best you possible. Without powerful emotions, having loved and lost, we would miss out on a painful experience yes, but also on the opportunity to OPEN up our life and our heart to another, even for the briefest of times, and know the WONDER OF EVERYTHING encompassed in the HOPE that such happiness can bring to a soul.

You are what you ALLOW yourself to become, with your emotions so very powerful in shaping your thoughts and controlling your actions, so be careful what you hold onto, and if loss is something you are dealing with, remember that the pain eventually seeps away, even if it takes a lifetime, but the BLESSINGS of that love NEVER disappear from you.

Be THANKFUL for everyone in your life who has TOUCHED your soul and left a little piece of themselves embedded in your heart, for they are the gems that make your life so very SPECIAL AND IRREPLACEABLE, for no one else ever did, can, or will have YOUR spirit and the ability that YOU have to make that DIFFERENCE to OTHERS.

© Rosie Chee