August 24, 2014



Whether you think it, believe it, or know it, or not, YOU have the POWER to make a DIFFERENCE in this world! Yes, YOU! Every person you meet, every situation you find yourself in, every experience you go through, is all an OPPORTUNITY to make that difference. It might not be a big difference, but even a small difference IS a difference.

Look at everything with the eyes of your heart. Whether it is asked for or not, offer assistance when you see another struggling, allow yourself to be the shoulder that a bleeding heart weeps on, be honest when the truth can be blurry. EVERYTHING you say or do makes a difference to someone somewhere, even if you never know.

We are alive for a PURPOSE, and that purpose is to do EVERYthing possible in your lifetime to make as MUCH difference as you can to as MANY people as possible! When you embrace that calling, then you become more conscious of yourself, others, and your surroundings. You become aware of your IMPORTANCE in the world, knowing that no one else can ever replace the gift that you give to it.

© Rosie Chee