July 2, 2014



YOU ARE UNREPEATABLE. Not just for the fact that no one else can ever be you, but because, whether you know it or not, acknowledge it or not, there is something about you that has its own ”magic”. There is a magic about you that cannot be emulated or replicated by any soul other than your own, for it belongs only to you and you alone can “wield” it.

YOU ARE UNREPEATABLE. You have a light within you that no one else can hold or shine. Your light springs forth from the dreams in your soul and the hope in your heart, cast just the way it is because of everything that you have experienced and the darkness that it has had to manoeuvre around. Your light can never be lit in another soul, even though it has the power to spark alight the light of another soul.

YOU ARE UNREPEATABLE. Your life, although like any other life does, holds value, even though not everyone, sometimes even yourself, will see and appreciate that value, nor get a chance to know it. Your value is priceless to those who love you and you can never be replaced, and for some, you will be one of the rare treasures cherished forever in their heart and soul.

YOU ARE UNREPEATABLE. The words you speak, the way you say them, the sound of them on your lips, the song from your heart, no one else can say the way you do, utter such a melody as you. There is a magic about the way they fall from your lips and some will never forget what they hear as long as they live, and you may never know how much you can affect them.

YOU ARE UNREPEATABLE. Your life is an example, you an inspiration that others look up to, look to for guidance, for “light”. You are a motivation, even if you do not know it, and your life through your actions speaks volumes to other souls who might be needing the very thing that you are not saying. You touch more lives than you know, so never ever stop being you and doing what you do!

© Rosie Chee