July 4, 2014



There is no need to hide from the world. Let your soul SHINE. Let it be SEEN. Feel FREE to be you no matter what. There are ALWAYS going to be people who disapprove of who you are and everything you do, but there are also always going to be those who SUPPORT you in everything and want you to become all that you can be.

This world will always try to change you – do NOT let it. You do NOT need anyone’s permission to be you. You need only YOUR approval. You need only to know that you are being TRUE to you, holding your integrity at high value, your actions speaking with that integrity, never violating who you are and what you stand for. Know that you are alive for a higher purpose and STAY the course, regardless of others’ opinions, for they matter little in the end, as you are the ONLY one who can live YOUR life, and YOU must be the one who is at peace with yourself.

You are you for a REASON. Unique in every aspect of your creation, talented for a purpose, special to more than you may realize, beautiful in your own way, adored for what you do and who you are and the joy you bring to others, so do not let anyone take AWAY from that, living the life you deem worthy and would be proud to present to Him when you leave this world for the next.

Be you EVERY step of the way. Do not fear letting yourself be seen. Those who matter and truly care will love you for who you ARE, not for whom they want you to be, and will only try to help you become BETTER and fulfil your destiny. You do not have to seek them out – they will be drawn to you, as you to them, and together you can make a DIFFERENCE that will reverberate through eternity.

© Rosie Chee